The Grandview History Center
Grandview Heritage Foundation
Numerous artifacts relating to Piney
Falls and early Grandview have
survived to this day.  There is also an
extensive collection of documents
and photographs petaining to the
Grandview Normal Institute.  Plus,
the Foundation is engaged in the
arduous task of refurbishing the
3000-volume GNI Memorial Library
to its original condition.  
The Foundation intends to preserve
these items and make them available for
public education and display.  Toward
this goal the Foundation is currently
seeking funds for the construction of a
history center within the Grandview
community.  When completed, this
center will be a unique exhibit of  
"highlander" culture just after the Civil
War, and will reveal how lives were so
remarkably and positively altered by the
establishment of the Grandview Normal
Institute.  It will also commemorate the
Southern Appalachian works of the
American Missionary Association and
the Christian Endeavor Society.
The proposed Grandview History
Center will also be a respository of  
information pertaining to families
that first settled this portion of the
Cumberland Plateau.  The
Foundation holds in its collection
original family records in the form of
numerous letters and early personal
histories.  Coupled with county, state
and federal records specific to the
area,  the History Center will serve as
a one-stop, geneaolgical resource for
those having a specific interest in the
Grandview region.