How to Help
Grandview Heritage Foundation
The Grandview Heritage Foundation was incorporated in 2000 to ensure that the many surviviing historic items
associated with the Grandview Community are preserved for future study and public enjoyment. Today, these
items are gathered into a single collection where they are being organized and curated.  The Foundation is
engaged  in several other projects that include:
Constructing and Operating a History Center within the Grandview Community
Digitizing the One Thousand Photographs in the Foundation's Collection
Restoring for Public Display the 3000-Volume Grandview Normal Institute Library
Arranging for Public Showings of the Foundation's Photograph Collection
Identifying, Preserving and Acquiring Historically Significant Properties and Natural Habitats
Reconstrucing Log Homes on their Original Sites that Afford Public Access and Use
Preserving and Maintaining the Cummins Cemetery
Reconstructing the Shufeldt/Starring Mill
Reconstructing the Henry C. Hilleary House
The Foundation continues to seek early photos, letters, documents, school items, household items and farm tools
from Grandview and its surrounding area, including items associated with the Grandview Normal Institute.  If you
have such items but do not wish to donate or sell them to the Foundation, we would still like to hear from you and
learn about the item.  We also want to be contacted if you descend from a GNI student or teacher, or an early
resident of Piney Falls, Grandview or Grassy Cove.  If you are searching for information on such individuals, please
let us help you.
The Foundation relies exclusively on contributions from individuals, businesses, corporations and other nonprofit
organizations to support its activities.  If you are an individual wishing to be a part of our effort, please mail your
donation to:

Grandview Heritage Foundation
   P. O. Box 60953
   Sacramento, CA  95860-0953

Donations can be directed to any of the specific projects listed above, and all donors will receive an annual letter that
updates the Foundation's work.  Corporations, businesses and other nonprofit organizations should contact the
Foundation via this web site and request a sponsor package.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Creating a Searchable Database for Individual Students, Teachers and Early Settlers