The Settlement at Piney Falls
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Grandview is situated on Walden's Ridge at the
very edge of Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau.  It
began as a settlement known as "Piney Falls" -- a
name taken from a 75-foot waterfall located
nearby.  Initial residents appeared  in the area just
after the Civil War.  They were  an unusual
combination of indigenous small farmers living off
the land, and "northerners" looking for a better
climate to improve their health.  A Post Office
opened at Piney Falls on April 10, 1873, and by
1880 the small village included a few cabins,
several frame houses, a sawmill, a church, a log
school house and a store.
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On August 20, 1880, a railroad was chartered to
serve the lumber operations of E.D. Albro & Co.
and the mines of the Walden's Ridge Coal and Iron
Company.  The intended route was from Spring
City, Tennessee, up the edge of the plateau to Piney
Falls, and then on to Jewett and the headwaters of
the Sequatichie River.  From that point the railroad
would follow the Sequatchie River valley into
Pikeville.  Ultimately, the route was only completed
to Jewett, but that was sufficient to begin providing
passenger rail service twice a day between Piney
Falls and the Tennessee Valley. The first train arrived
at Piney Falls on January 15, 1882.  The railroad
passing through Piney Falls to Jewett forever
changed the tiny settlement -- even its name.
Cawood Cabin
By 1890, family names associated with the area
included:  Shufeldt, Eddington, Thompson,
Fugate, McClendon, Jolly, Dannel, Ray,
Lemons, Cox, Gibson, Brady,  Huntington,
Gorman, Feree, Niles, Monroe, Townsend,
McNeal, Hilleary, Woodruff, Yeatman, Clark,
Polk, Quick, Lowry, Patton, Enos, Parmalee,
Phillips, Churchill, Saunders, Benjamin, Higby,
Ferguson, Edgerton, Sowers, Atkerson,
Eldridge, Barton, Baldwin, Taylor, Califf, Jewett,
Dye, Lockwood, Core, Chittendon, Summers,
Cummins, Flowers, Bosworth, Stebbins, Merritt,
Stratton, Dyal, Goss, Loy, Dewey, Starring,
Allen, Russell, Fawler, Wilcox, Waterman,
Robbs, Wolfe, Hubbard and Abbott.
Trestle to Piney Falls
(c) Grandview Heritage Foundation
(c) Grandview Heritage Foundation