Students and Teachers of the
Grandview Normal Institute
Grandview Heritage Foundation
Among the documents in the Foundation's collection
is a near complete set of the Grandview Normal
Institute school catalogues.  Published once a year,
each catalogue listed the students and teachers that
were present at the school during the preceeding
year, as well as their home towns.  By using the
navigation bar on the left, the complete list of over
2000 students and teachers noted in these catalogues
can be accessed.  In some cases, a [G], [T] and/or
[P] will appear before the name.  These symbols
indicate that the individual was a "graduate,"
"teacher" and/or "principal."  If the name appears in

, then additional information about the individual
is available from the Foundation.  This additional
information can be photographs, original letters
(written by the individual or their descendants),
and/or newspaper clippings.  If you would like to
provide additional information about a former
student or teacher, please return to the Home Page
and contact the Foundation.  This list is dynamic,
and will be updated frequently as new information
becomes available.  Any reproduction of the entire
list without the Foundation's permission is